RGV's Wrong Post, Own Assumptions!

By - March 01, 2018 - 11:58 AM IST

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Veteran actress Sridevi's untimely death sent shock waves throughout the nation. This iconic star's mortal remains were given the last rites yesterday. Though Sridevi's death happened days ago, it is still unbelievable for all of us. 

The whole nation, her fans, friends, and family are in deep grief. Each one has their own way of expression. Director Ram Gopal Varma is like any other fan who was shocked to hear the news regarding. Ever since RGV got to know the news, he posted a series of tweets on Sridevi.

Everything was fine until RGV started overdoing this. Deliberately tweeting about Sridevi and his assumptions of how Sridevi's personal life was a pathetic one,  etc appeared like he was overdoing things. Netizens and followers who were touched by the words RGV wrote on Sridevi initially are now fed up with his constant tweets, as they have lost the meaning now.

Ram Gopal Varma who is tagged as 'eccentric genius' normally has made a blunder. While tweeting continuously about Sridevi, he posted a picture of a small girl posing with Late Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao and captioned it as 'SRIDEVI WITH NTR'. But, little did Varma know that it is the picture of Nandamuri Kumudini posing with her grandfather Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao. As the little girl in the picture appeared nearly like Sridevi, RGV's followers also believed that it was Sridevi's picture.

How can Varma do this? How can such a big director post without verifying? He must have used his genius brain before posting because Sridevi shared the screen opposite NTR as the female lead. NTR looks older in the pic and there is no way that Sridevi was so young(as much as in the picture) beside NTR. Seems like Varma has lost his thinking capacity too.

We understand that the sudden demise of the loved ones leaves us devastated. But, most of the citizens think RGV is doing all these things deliberately for the sake of doing. 

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