Nani! Don't Make That Mistake

By - March 02, 2018 - 08:29 AM IST

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Keeping aside the top league heroes, if there is one name which is the most sought after among the tier two heroes it is that of Natural Star Nani. The way he has earned the patronage of the family audience, as well as the youth audience, is remarkable.

Akin to that, Nani has always focused on scripts that sustain his image among these audiences. But now there are reports that he has changed the gear. Well, the buzz is that Nani is targeting the B and C center audience which means his movies should have mass and action elements. Sources reveal Nani is insisting on having a good amount of fight scenes.

While trying to come up with a good mix of commercial elements is a nice thing, Nani should be careful not to overdo it because his attempt to become an action-packed star is not going to work. Currently, his graph is going very strong so let us wish he plans his future projects with a reasonable dose of action and nothing more.

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