Dry Days For All Movie Lovers

By - March 03, 2018 - 09:23 AM IST

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The concept of ‘dry day’ is known to those who love alcohol and it is always a disappointing thing for them because they don’t have access to liquor anywhere. Now, the same ‘dry day’ has come to the cinema lovers and the reason for that happens to be the newly implemented Bandh by the exhibitors and theatre owners.

It is known that an issue has been on for a while regarding the digital service providers and their premium pricing which is causing huge burden. The talks between them and the producers have failed to materialize and as a result, the indefinite shutdown of theatres has begun starting today. This is a blow to the cine buffs.

From today onwards there would be no movie screenings till the talks are settled and a resolution is arrived at. Some are also suggesting that the biggies of Tollywood should intervene at the earliest and resolve the matter with alternative proposals because the summer season is starting and it is the time for movies to mint.

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