Why Pawan Kalyan On Solo Performance?

By - March 03, 2018 - 10:32 AM IST

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History has shown that whenever a political party fails to rise over a period of time it is purely because of lack of hierarchy and the presence of leaders who are the right faces of the party. For instance, Lok Satta party disappeared purely because Jayaprakash Narayana was the only face for it and nobody else.

Now, the same threat is being faced by the Jana Sena party. It is true that this is just an infant political party but it is also true that true grooming of leaders should happen right from the beginning. Despite seeing history and knowing everything, many are wondering why Pawan Kalyan is doing a solo performance.

Till now, the only face that public can connect with Jana Sena is that of Pawan Kalyan. That might work to some extent but it won’t be long before the whole system will collapse. Even an age-old party like AIADMK in Tamil Nadu is in tatters because Jayalalithaa was the only face. Let us hope Pawan reads this one.

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