50% Compromise On Producer's Strike?

By - March 03, 2018 - 03:40 PM IST

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On one side there is still discussions happening about the unfortunate demise of Athiloka Sundari but on the other side, another pressing issue has also come to the fore. We are talking about the Producers Strike which has resulted in the shutdown of theatres and the stoppage of movie screening throughout the state.

The issue is between the producers and the digital service providers (DSP) and the claim is that the latter has been charging exorbitantly. It is also heard that the service providers came up with some rebate but it was not acceptable to the producers hence the strike could not be avoided. Now, an inside news has come.

If not the full price the service providers are expected to give a meaty 50 percent discount and start the screenings again. However, this is going to take a week for the whole thing to fall into place and hence the strike will be on till such time. Let us wish this inside news is true and things get resolved at the earliest.

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