Public Unrest On 'No Cinemas'

By - March 05, 2018 - 05:27 PM IST

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You can cause some disturbance to an organization or a system but you can never do that with the common man. The moment people get cheesed off with something it turns out to become a big revolution. The first step to that is the public unrest and right now the Telugu people are getting into that mode.

All this is due to the strike in the movie theatres leading to a shutdown of the movies. Venkat Reddy, a businessman said “Cinema is the only relief during weekend, that kick of watching a movie in theatre with family is different, I am missing that badly.” A college student Rahul said “Spending time with girlfriend in theatre is the best experience, it is frustrating not to have movies running.”

Sindhu, a designer, said “I watch every movie that releases without fail and not able to watch any movie is driving me nuts. Of course internet is there but it is certainly not like watching a movie in theatre eating a tub of popcorn.” Well, it is not sure how long this is going to take but a lot of unrest is there among public regarding the shutdown.

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