KIRRAK PARTY: Nikhil's Full Interview

By - March 06, 2018 - 04:49 PM IST

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Kannada's blockbuster movie Kirrak Party is remade in Telugu and young, perky hero Nikhil Sidharth is the hero in this flick. Simran Pareenja and Samyuktha Hegde are the female leads in this movie. Slated for its release on 16th March, here is Nihil sharing his experience working for KIRRAK PARTY.

Q. How are you feeling right now?
A. I have acted in 15 movies till now. I get tensed before the release of every movie. Feeling a little tensed even now. But, I am also confident that Kirrak Party will become a special movie in my career. After HAPPY DAYS this is the movie I've played a full-time college guy.

Q. A few Words about your role in Kirrak Party?
A. I've played an angry young man who is a common student at the college. Some incidents change him into a rude and stubborn man. By the end of his college, he gets elected as the college president.

Q. What is Kirrak Party all about?
A. Kirrak Party is an entertaining movie. This movie is all about a student who turns out to become a student leader by the end of his last year at college.

Q. How different is this from Kannada's version?
A. There are not many changes that we made to the Telugu version ofKirrak Party. We just chopped off the item song and some comedy scenes which would be irrelevant for Telugu audience. Kannada version's runtime is 3 hours nearly, but its just 2.5 hours in our movie.

Q. Finally, how was it working for Kirrak Party, Chandoo Mondeti (Dialogue Writer) and Sudheer Varma (Screenplay Writer)?
A. Working for Kirrak Party is definitely a great memory for me. Chandoo Mondeti and Sudheer Varma are good friends of director Sharan Koppishetty and me. I appreciate their dedication to being so supportive despite their bust schedule.

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