Boney Kapoor's Documentary Movie on Sridevi

By - March 07, 2018 - 05:29 PM IST

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Bollywood filmmaker Boney Kapoor and his family are yet to recover from the shock that Sridevi has left them forever. Though there were so many speculations regarding, the untimely death of Sridevi, everything seems settled now.

Boney Kapoor who seems to be broken is trying hard to overcome the grief of his beloved wife's death. He recently opened up about the last moments with Sridevi, with his friend Komal Nahata. After this clarification, there are talks going on that Boney Kapoor is to make a movie on Sridevi.

Reports say that Boney Kapoor wants to make a documentary film on his wife-Late Sridevi. Boney also is keen to rope in Shekhar Kapoor the director of the Oscar-nominated British film Elizabeth, to direct Sridevi’s documentary. He just wants to make a monumental movie which would show Sridevi's life and her illustrious career.

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