Who Is Who?

By - March 07, 2018 - 09:57 AM IST

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The culture of star siblings making it to the tinsel town has been quite common and it is not just in Bollywood but even in Tollywood. However, whenever a sibling of a noted hero or heroine arrives, there is bound to be some differentiation and you can identify that person easily. But that didn’t happen in the case of one girl.

We are talking about the natural cutie Sai Pallavi. Apparently, Pallavi is quite close to her sister Pooja Kannan and the duo is seen together in few snaps in social media. Recently the duo was once again spotted as they were attending the wedding of a close friend. Those who saw the pictures were in for a surprise.

This is more for the first-timers. They were not sure who is who because both Pooja and Pallavi look very similar with the same lean frame and endearing smile. Buzz is that even Pooja is not far from making her entry into movies so when that happens our folks would grab both the sisters and come up with something.

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