Tollywood Stays Mum On AP SPECIAL STATUS

By - March 08, 2018 - 04:36 PM IST

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There was a huge issue regarding the ban on Tamil Nadu's cultural fest 'Jallikattu'. The people of Tamil Nadu revolted against the ban of their cultural game and the celebrities were no exception. Almost 80% of actors and celebrities took a stand against the ban of Jallikattu.

Star heroes like Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan, Vijay, Suriya, Simbhu, GV Prakash etc also gave a strong back up for the cause. In this frame of context, let us talk about Andhra Pradesh's current issues.

After the bifurcation, we know that Andhra Pradesh has not got sufficient funds and packages. It was promised by the BJP government that Andhra Pradesh would be granted with the 'Special Status', which never happened.

One big weapon for a change in the society is media. Even though there are many things broadcasted by the media, there is no proper channel by which the pros and cons of SPECIAL STATUS reach the common people. Influential people, educated ones, and jobholders are already aware of such things.
One effective way to take these things to another level is in the hands of the most happening celebrities and movie stars because they are the ones who carry the best goodwill among the people.

Where are the Tollywood celebrities? Why don't they react or at least give their opinion? Big stars like Mahesh Babu who gave a stand on Tamil Nadu's Jallikattu being mum regarding an important issue like SPECIAL STATUS is pure irresponsibility. Venkatesh, Rana, Nani, Nagarjuna who came forward to support Vizag during Hud Hud are staying silent which means they are not bothered about the state's welfare.  

Even during the Telangana agitation, Telugu celebrities took no stand and stayed mum. Most of the heroes and actors refused to even talk about the people who sacrificed their lives in the Telangana Movement. Well, the situations got revered as soon as the states got bifurcated and Telangana government was formed. So many celebrities are seen showering praises on Telangana CM KCR after the formation of Telangana. It implies that they want to praise Telangana CM just because they reside here and they need their movies to be made without any effect.  

While the heroes are earning crores of rupees from their movies from Andhra Pradesh region, why not address the problem? What are they fearing of? Why is there lack of love for Andhra Pradesh? Why not support for a special cause?