Samantha Calls Ram Charan Banda Ramudu

By - March 09, 2018 - 09:55 AM IST

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Reading the headline might confuse you a bit as to why should the cute smile queen Samantha call the mega power star Ram Charan as ‘Banda Ramudu’. Well, this has happened for real albeit in a song. We are talking about the third number which got released from their new movie ‘Rangasthalam’.

The track is called ‘Rangamma Mangamma…’ and the essence of this song revolves around how Sam is trying to win the attention of Charan but our man is not bothered. During the songend, she calls him Banda Ramudu and though it is called out of pure affection and seeking love, those who heard it has given another perspective.

They are saying it works good as a title and can be kept for a big hero flick. As such, Charan is playing the role of a deaf man in this movie and it is shot entirely in a remote village backdrop way back in the 80s. For now, the song is garnering good response and most importantly the word Banda Ramudu is evoking few giggles.

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