Manchu Manoj Fires on Government

By - March 13, 2018 - 04:03 PM IST

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There are actors and heroes. But, to stand against something wrong makes anyone bigger than the normal hero brand. We all know that the central government has been turning a deaf ear after rejecting to give Andhra Pradesh, the Special Status as promised.

A few actors are speaking up in the favor of Andhra Pradesh. You may ask why would they like to involve in such tricky situations. But, the thing is the celebrities are the people who have a goodwill in the society and their opinions matter to some extent.

While most of the actors seem to have decided to stay mum on the issue of Special Status, a few of them have stood up against this discrimination. Hero Manchu Manoj who stayed calm until the recent times was seen firing up on the social media. He raised his voice against the center for not granting the promised they have made during last elections. Here is what he wrote on his Twitter timeline..

"Manaku special status kuda istha annaru... chippa thappa yemi migala... Centre ni namukunte sanka naki potham," Manoj quoted when one of his followers told that the central government would grant everything they have promised. He continued to quote some other tweets too and meant that the center is being passive and is not bothered by people's welfare anymore.

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