Rangasthalam 1985: A Silent Remake

By - March 14, 2018 - 11:46 AM IST

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Mega Power Star Ram Chara's movie under Sukumar's direction is an interesting and experimental movie titled Rangasthalam 1985. As Ram Charan plays a deaf man in the village retro backdrop, there are so many speculations around the story of the movie.

The trailers released featuring Ram Charan and Samantha have already raised the expectations around this movie. The first look poster of Aadi Pinisetty who is to appear in a vital role in Rangasthalam is out now. Seems like Aadi is to play an aspiring politician in the movie.

In this frame of context, the movie Rangasthalam appears like it has been inspired by Chiranjeevi's "Ooriki Ichina Maata". This must be a silent remake of Ooriki Ichina Maata, as the roles and the establishment of the roles appear nearly same. Also, the movie Ooriki Ichina Maata was released in the year 1981, the year which is closer to the year which has been used in the title of  "RANGASTHALAM 1985. Mere coincidence or the movie story is being ripped off from the old one, will be proved soon, as the movie Rangasthalam is slated for its release on 30th March.

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