He's Inspiring: Ram Charan About PK

By - March 15, 2018 - 11:05 PM IST

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Though Pawan Kalyan's political entry was a namesake one all these days, he made himself a threat as he kept gaining power gradually. The ruling party, on one hand, seems to be covering up their mistakes and the opposition party, on the other hand, are just as useful(Read it otherwise) as the ruling ones. 
In this frame of context, Pawan Kalyan gaining political weight is definitely changing the game in Andhra Pradesh's election scenario. Pawan Kalyan's intense speech yesterday proved to be one of the best public talks of the recent times. From Modi to Andhra Pradesh CM Chandra Babu Pawan Kalyan threw satires and slammed the politicians. 
Ram Charan, son of actor-turned-politician took his Facebook to appreciate his uncle's gutsy move in politics. As always Ram Charan seems to be in the support of his beloved 'baabay'. "Inspiring & Truthful...great speech!! Let's hope for the good of our state in future", Ram Charan wrote on his timeline. With this, it is clear that Pawan Kalyan has a strong support from his family too. 

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