Top Heroine Invited Casting Couch?

By - March 16, 2018 - 05:36 PM IST

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The name Prasanna Kumar may not ring a bell instantly but he happens to be a producer in Tollywood and a key member in the film chamber. Recently he shared his thoughts in a TV interview which shook a few. Prasanna said, “There is one top heroine, she didn’t have many movies recently and a gap came.”

He added “This heroine said she wants to work with a top hero at any cost and she doesn’t mind sleeping with the hero or his manager. She passed the message through middlemen and after some efforts she finally got a chance to work in a movie.” Apparently, Prasanna revealed he heard the heroine’s statements in a phone call conversation.

Not sure who the heroine is but many would get curious when such statements come. Some are also trying to figure out what is the need for Prasanna to come up with a revelation like this out of the blue. Well, each one has their own motives but some consolation is they are not crossing the lines by dragging the personal lives of individuals into the public.

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