Blackmailing Chances For Actresses

By - March 19, 2018 - 05:04 PM IST

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Communication has become the easiest thing to do because of the tools you have in hand and while you might consider it as a comfort, there are also many fatal consequences to it. This is especially if you want to get naughty or try to be mischievous. The risk is more if you are in the film industry.

Many would think it is the girls who are in danger but it is the other way round. There are those directors and producers who keep chatting or doing video calls with aspiring actresses. By any chance, if they are trying to cross the line, the girls are cooperating albeit with a motive. They are recording everything by instigating them further.

Afterward, they are blackmailing these directors and producers and taking money. It is heard that recently one noted director got into the soup as one actress said she would approach a TV channel. He got scared and gave huge money. This situation is not just with the aspiring beauties but even those starlets who are already in the tinsel town. Watch out, guys!

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