Actress' Practical Talk On Casting Couch

By - March 23, 2018 - 03:11 PM IST

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When you are speaking on a public forum or in the vicinity of media, it is important to have a rationale and logic in what you speak. It is true that blurting out emotional statements always creates an impact but that is just a piece which causes momentary sensation and buzz. The real deal is always sensibility in your statements.

Whenever topics of cinema industry are discussed, casting couch is a common name. While some don’t even speak of it, there are those who try to use this as a cue to garner some mileage and publicity. However, recently one actress spoke about it and her practical perspective on it has impressed many.

She is none other than the petite beauty Madhavilatha. Recently she was sharing her thoughts to a web channel when she made it clear that eradicating casting couch is impossible and it is in the hands of the actress whether she wants to ‘cooperate and commit’ or not. She made it clear that casting couch exists and the starlets have to take a call whether they want to do it or not.

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