Stay Away From That Balayya!

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It is true that these days there is a lot of demand for hit movies of other languages because they are proven scripts and can be made quickly without much brain drain in terms of creativity. However, it is important that one must take into consideration the sensibilities and content before doing so.

In lieu of that, few hardcore fans of Nandamuri Natasimham Balakrishna are opining that Balayya should stay away from a remake. Well, there are reports that Balayya would be doing the remake of a Kannada movie and this would be helmed by the Tamil man K S Ravi Kumar. Buzz is that Balayya would be seen as a don in this.

The fans are saying “The Kannada industry is just evolving in terms of their content and quality storylines. Moreover, history has shown that most of the movies which were remade from Kannada ended up as flops. If Balayya wants to do this project, it is better the script goes through a lot of changes to suit his star image and sensibilities.”

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