Hero's Father To Become Governor

By - March 27, 2018 - 03:28 PM IST

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You are well aware of the nexus between the cinema industry and political field and there are many artists who ended up becoming politicians. At the same time, few youngsters who have political backgrounds are also focusing on movies. While all this is one side, there is another side which is rather elegant and dignified.

According to a report by reputed news daily, a young hero’s father is likely to become the governor of Telangana. His name is CVSK Sarma and he happens to be the father of the Tollywood hero Arvind Krishna who shot to fame with movies like ‘Rushi’ ‘It’s My Love Story’ and ‘Premam’. He hails from a family of bureaucrats.

CVSK Sarma was one of the finest IAS officers during his tenure and has been the architect behind GHMC in Hyderabad and even the Hyderabad Metro. For now, nothing official has come out but a Telugu bureaucrat becoming a Governor for Telugu state would be a unique history and record. Let us wish this happens!

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