Raghu Kunche's Golden Jubilee

By - March 26, 2018 - 12:25 PM IST

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Reading the headline might make you wonder whether the multi-talented Raghu Kunche has completed 50 years of age or has he completed 50 years in the industry. Well, before your imagination runs wild, let us clear the air for you. This has something to do with celebrating the number 50 associated with Raghu.

It is heard that some of the industry folks and Raghu’s friends are planning to felicitate him albeit for an interesting reason. Apparently, Raghu Kunche got his US visa in the year 2008 and it has completed 10 years. Within this span, he has visited USA 49 times and hence he is about to touch the 50th visit.

With that, he would be celebrating golden jubilee in terms of his visit to the US and so his friends want to do a special felicitation to him. As such, even top celebrities don’t travel to America so much but given Raghu’s frequency, on an average, he has been visiting US 5 times a year which is a special record. Congratulations, Raghu.