Telugu TV Channels Going Beyond Disgust?

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Any line of work which has to do with influencing the society or dealing with the people has an unwritten code of conduct which revolves around ethics, morals, and decency. Unfortunately, the present trend of the electronic media especially the TV news channels and few entertainment programs has made a mockery of the entire expectation resulting in disgust.

More than bringing the real truth to the common man and act as a medium which can highlight the flaws in our society and system, the TV news channels are focusing on sensationalism and making a mountain out of a molehill. Their only objective is achieving maximum TRPs and news media has become nothing but business.

Many are feeling vexed with the news channels. While this is one side, there are programs like ‘Jabardasth’ on the other side which has been increasing the dose of double meaning jokes. Even few TV serials are concentrating totally on negativity and politics at home influencing the housewives and spoiling their minds. All in all, the TV channels have gone beyond dignity.

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