Heroine's DNA Test Raising Curiosity

By - March 30, 2018 - 07:16 PM IST

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There are many fake and unrealistic things in this world but the one thing that can never lie is your DNA. Each person has got his own DNA which cannot be replicated and it gives out a lot of information not just about your body but also your bloodline and ancestral origin. While most of us look to the future, one heroine decided to look behind.

She is none other than the British Beauty Amy Jackson. It is heard that recently Amy decided to go in for a DNA test and the objective is to find out her roots. As such, she is living in Liverpool but it is heard that Amy’s paternal grandmother hails from Portugal. The report reveals she stepped into the British soil way back in the 1900s.

As such, the DNA tests give you your family origin from your mother’s side or the father’s side. It is heard that Amy is keen to know more from her father’s side and she has already given the test. On work front, she has ‘2.0’ in the making but the DNA test has raised curiosity among other film celebrities who are now eager to know about their past and forefathers.

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