Rajamouli Yet To Come Up With A Story?

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The first step you need to take as a director is to come up with a story which is complete and it would be even better if you can convert it into a bound script. When you are dealing with the big heroes, it is essential to come up with a narration that will give full clarity to the heroes about their role. But one filmmaker has an exemption.

He is none other than the tough taskmaster S S Rajamouli. He has been the ruling emperor of Tollywood since a long time and with his last movie ‘Baahubali’ Rajamouli became the hot property even for Bollywood stars. Given that, you can imagine what kind of preparation and groundwork he does for any project of his.

However, it appears that all Rajamouli had to do was just pick the names for his next project and they were in. Buzz is that mega power star Ram Charan okayed the project with Rajamouli and fact is, he has no clue what the story is. That is the kind of trust and goodwill the tough taskmaster has earned over the years.

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