Rajamouli's Rare Picture With Vibhoodi

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There is no doubt that the tough taskmaster S S Rajamouli is the number one filmmaker in Tollywood and post his magnum opus ‘Baahubali’ he has become the top filmmaker pan India. While that happens to be his credentials on the work front, here is a bit about his personal side. Some say Rajamouli is an agnostic.

There is a grapevine that he is not much into God and stuff though his movies have many elements related to it. Whether that is true or not, we have been able to get hold of one picture of Jakkanna which would bring a smile on your face and also make you feel nostalgic. Well, this happens to be Rajamouli during his younger days.

The slim and trim Rajamouli is seen sitting inside a temple and that too sporting a Vibhoodi on his forehead. The man next to him happens to be Kalyan Ramana who is the brother of the melody king MM Keeravani. Little would have anyone imagined that this innocent looking young man is going to rewrite the essence of cinema in the coming years.


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