Wife Recalls Husband's Death

By - April 04, 2018 - 12:22 PM IST

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Nothing can be more painful than the loss of a loved one and as much as you want to be strong and keep moving on, there are always those instances which remind you of them and you break down. Of course, while this happens in a personal environment, there are times when it can happen in public environment too.

It is heard that during the shooting of the movie ‘Rangasthalam’ there is a scene wherein senior actress Rohini has to cry over her son’s death. It is heard that Rohini gave such a splendid performance crying that she lost her voice. Incidentally, she was asked as to why so much involvement and her response shook many.

Apparently, it is heard that she recalled the time when her real-life husband Raghuvaran passed away and emoted the same pain and feelings when he left. This particular scene has become the highlight of the movie and many are wowed by Rohini’s act. Now that you know the real reason, you can understand it better.