Yesteryear DD Newsreaders

By - April 04, 2018 - 04:50 PM IST

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We have the habit of looking to the future and moving forward but fact remains that the future and present comes from the past. Every now and then we need to turn back time just for the real feel of nostalgia and relish the past memories. One such segment is the news readers in the TV channels.

Today we have multiple news channels and several news readers but before this invasion, our only source of information was the Doordarshan and its news. Recently, the entire group of erstwhile newsreaders gathered together and it was not just about them coming together but reminding us of our past.

Here is the list of newsreaders - Sharif, R V Prasad, Asha Latha, Sobha Shankar, Vydehi, Parvathi Prasad, Malathi, Krishna Kumar, Shanthi Swaroop, Lakshmi Bhavani, Kameshwara Rao, Meghana. It is a rather heartening moment to see all of them in one frame and if you are past your thirties you would certainly have some past memories flooding by.


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