Ram Charan's Word is Mine: NTR

By - April 04, 2018 - 10:17 AM IST

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After a brief gap, NTR has made a public appearance. NTR who was away from the media all these days has finally made a public appearance to promote Indian Premier League. This year, the IPL is to be telecasted in Telugu and NTR is responsible for the endorsements related.

Ntr who attended the press meet yesterday appears to be very enthusiastic. He mentioned that he is very excited to watch the cricket matches which are scheduled to get started on 7th April. During the media interaction, Ntr was quizzed regarding his upcoming movies.

We all know that the trio- Rajamouli, Ram Charan, and NTR are all set to make a movie which is currently being named #RRR. Ntr was asked to reveal the details regarding the movie. NTR who was quizzed to reveal the details chose to stay committed to Ram Charan's words itself. Ram Charan had earlier told the media that Rajamouli did not give them any script yet and he was just over-excited about the combo itself and hence gave a commitment as he had trust in Rajamouli's prowess. NTR replied in the same way. NTR told, "What Ram Charan told is my s statement too, and there is nothing more to reveal other than what Charan said".

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