Sri Reddy's Nude Protest Infront Of Film Chamber

By - April 07, 2018 - 02:54 PM IST

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Actress Sri Devi who is threatening the Tollywood people and creating a sensation all over protested half-nude today. Sri Reddy claims a membership card in Movie Arts Association, which she was rejected. So, she chose to protest without clothes today.


"For how long will they make me wait for the membership card? Am I not eligible for the membership? Why are Telugu girls not given prominence to act in Telugu movies? This will repeat. I will remove my clothes off and protest again", Sri Reddy fires.


Sri Reddy complains about every other artist and claims for offers to Telugu girls. She has allegations against most of the heroes, stars, producers, and directors. She threatens them indirectly on news channels and live telecasts. Though there are certain elements in the glamour industry, which needs to be changed, Sri Reddy is going overboard and dragging unnecessary sensations.


Telugu people are already fed up with the junk-filled in the news and hence this thing has turned out to be a nonsense. Though Sri Reddy has some valid points, this is not the right way she has to deal with things. Hope this will end soon. 

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