Fortune Still Smiling Upon Her

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As you start earning fame and following in your career, it is important to remain humble and grounded so that no remark comes upon you. This is most needed in the cinema industry because once an image is formed, it is very tough to erase it. The natural cutie Sai Pallavi has become an overnight sensation in Tollywood with her hits.

But along with that, she also earned some negative points with strong grapevines on her attitude and tantrums. While it is not sure how true that is, it has certainly not stopped fortune from favoring this girl. Sai Pallavi has now moved to Kollywood and she is doing few plum projects. First among them is a film with the supremely talented Suriya.

Incidentally, it is heard that Suriya happens to be a personal favorite of Sai Pallavi and hence she is extremely thrilled. At the same time, she also has a project with the lean talent Dhanush and both movies are quite promising. Well, if she is able to pull off both these projects without any remarks, Sai Pallavi would wipe off everything.


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