Voice Of Young Hero Makes All Spellbound

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There has to be that one thing which makes you stand out as a hero. For some, it is the handsome look, for some, it is the physique, for some, it is the height and for some, it is the body language and dialogue delivery. However, there is one young boy who is preparing to enter the hero arena and he has already captured attention with something else.

We are talking about Akash Puri, son of speed director Puri Jagannadh, and he is making his entry as a proper hero with the movie ‘Mehbooba’. The trailer got unveiled and the first thing that caught the attention of many is the Bass voice. They are spellbound with and they are praising his voice for the depth and magnitude of it.

Looks –wise Akash is yet to get that personality like a full-fledged hero but his voice is going to create sufficient impact. On the other hand, the trailer has shown that the film has been made with high intensity and rich budget. All these components usually contribute to the film becoming a success. For now, it is all about Akash’s voice.

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