Babu Gogineni Speaks With Half Knowledge?

By - April 11, 2018 - 03:37 PM IST

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Every now and then you see this man named Babu Gogineni in news channels. He speaks very interestingly and has a lot of knowledge on various topics. But sometimes he tends to fumble and become shallow which raises eyebrows on his potential. Here are two classic examples which tend to make you rethink about this man’s caliber.

During a recent interview, the anchor brought up the topic of maestro Ilaiyaraaja speaking about Jesus’s resurrection. For this, Babu said “Lately he is doing a lot of controversies. He does music for devotional movies and also for RGV’s porn video GST. Rajamouli is an atheist, he will work for him also. On one side, he will work and says I don’t respect atheists.”

Immediately the anchor cut him and said: “I asked about Ilaiyaraaja, you are saying about Keeravani.” For this, Babu reportedly replied “So they are not the same, I don’t have much knowledge about them. I concluded Keeravani to be Ilaiyaraaja.” Similarly, he got to speak about Sri Reddy’s issue and said one man came up with a porn video featuring a foreign actress, indirectly hinting at RGV, will his membership be removed and will he be boycotted? Well, RGV is not a member of any association.