Why Is Arjun Kapoor Furious?

By - April 12, 2018 - 07:31 PM IST

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After the sudden demise of veteran actress Sri Devi seems like Arjun Kapoor has been very emotional and protective about his step-sisters. Khushi, Jahnavi, and Boney Kapoor seem to be emotionally dependent on Arjun Kapoor, as he is the one who stood by the worst times.

The protective brother Arjun Kapoor seems to be furious over an issue regarding Jahnavi Kapoor. There was an article published on a website describing the wardrobe malfunction of Jahnavi Kapoor. Furious Arjun Kapoor slammed the website and warned them for being so insensitive.

"It's shameful that your eye would go searching for something like this. Shame on you... this is how our country looks at young women yet another shining example... ashamed by this", Arjun tweeted quoting the article. Going through the article, it is clear that there is nothing wrong in Arjun getting furious over this issue. The way the website has articulated about Jahnavi is definitely not at all acceptable.

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