Public Talk: Casting Couch In Film Industry

By - April 13, 2018 - 02:05 PM IST

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Every industry has its plusses and minuses but when it comes to the cinema industry, every negative is magnified and projected exponentially because it is the world of glamour and those who attack it get quick recognition and mileage. The one thing that has always dogged the industry is the casting couch syndrome and now it has become the hottest topic in Tollywood.

It is known that actress Sri Reddy is bent upon creating maximum havoc in Telugu cine circuit at the cost of dragging its whole image to the drain. As a result, even the public has started discussing casting couch in the film industry in a big way. Here are few opinions getting generated from various segments of the society.

Rahul, an IT professional said, “It is a shock if it happens in an Ashram, in the cinema industry, it is quite common so I am not sure why so much fuss is being made by one person.” Lakshmana Murthy, a banker said, “I heard about casting couch in cinema industry but never knew it would be so nasty, committing to each other on friendship is what I thought but this is shocking, I have lost respect on Tollywood.”

Nidhi, a software developer, said “The very industry revolves around luck, exploitation of opportunities and domination from powerful people. So, anyone who is entering it should be mentally prepared for anything instead of coming to the roads after both hands are burnt. This is ridiculous!.”

Ramakrishna, a doctor, said “Cinema is a medium of entertainment which is a great reliever for many who are into jobs and high-stress professions. I feel it is better one should not judge the whole industry purely out of one individual’s actions. The very impression of the industry is getting tarnished which leaves a bitter taste when I wish to go to the theatre with my family so it is sad to see such a thing happening.”


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