Why Ramajogayya Missed National Award?

By - April 14, 2018 - 10:36 AM IST

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The list of the 65th National Award winners is out and among the Telugu names, the film ‘Baahubali’ and ‘Ghazi Attack’ stole the honors. Among the lyrics department, one man was touted as the hot contender. He is none other than Ramajogayya Sastry and many felt he would get the National award but he missed due to a particular reason.

Apparently, for ‘Sreemanthudu’ and ‘Janatha Garage’ Sastry got many awards including the Nandi awards in a back to back fashion. Given that, many thought he would get national award for the song ‘Pranaamam pranaamam…’ from the movie ‘Janatha Garage’. However, here is some inside scoop we received from few sources.

Firstly, the jury decided to give it to Kannada because it has been long since they got one. Secondly, it is national integration song but in poetic perspective ‘Pranaamam’ was powerful. As such there is no rule to give the award to national integration song. A few years back, the legendary Veturi got for the song ‘Raalipoye puvva’ and Suddala Ashok Teja got for ‘Nenu saitam’ in ‘Tagore’. Ultimately, luck should bless and this time it didn’t choose Sastry.


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