Mahesh Kathi Leaking Pawan Kalyan Videos Tonight?

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The name Mahesh Kathi needs no introduction and you are well aware that he earned his stardom after his relentless attacks against power star Pawan Kalyan. After a lot of ruckus, some form of compromise was arrived at and things went silent. However, Kathi is back to the game again and he came up with his fresh set of statements.

Sharing his thoughts through a video Kathi reportedly said he is preparing to reveal few dark things about few big names and added big things will come out in 1-2 days. He reportedly mentioned he has certain videos which will collapse the fame and reputation of some of the well-known names in the industry.

With this, discussions are happening whether he will release these videos tonight, what would they contain and who would be revealed? Some are saying Kathi will do it at any cost because right now the heat is at peaks thanks to Sri Reddy leaks so the impact would be more. Let us see what is going to happen then.


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