Murali Mohan To Face Her Curse?

By - April 17, 2018 - 10:11 PM IST

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The way things are going it is clear that anyone who wants to meddle with Sri Reddy is only going to end up getting their face smeared with insults and abuses. Even taking her name as a passing reference is resulting in fatally humiliating consequences. The sad part is, nobody is able to do anything about it.

For instance, power star Pawan Kalyan said indirectly that if someone has a grievance they need to go to Police Station. For that the way Sri Reddy responded so aggressively that all had to hang their heads in shame and embarrassment. Now, senior actor Murali Mohan may just be in the line of incurring her wrath.

Responding to this controversy, Murali Mohan reportedly said “It is not much of an issue, one can ignore it.” He also used the Telugu phrase ‘Panakam Lo Pudaka’ implying Sri Reddy. It has to be seen what she will say and how she will start cursing him as well. For now, Murali Mohan seems to be fortunate enough.

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