Pawan Kalyan Becomes Target To All

By - April 19, 2018 - 02:33 PM IST

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We know that being in politics, not an easy task. No offense intended, but the political strategies have become cheaper and the games are taking worst twists day-by-day. No matter how much we ignore, somethings gain so much attention that we get a continuous feed from all the media sources.

Ever since Pawan Kalyan announced his political party, there are major changes in the other parties of Telugu states. Keeping aside the political parties, Pawan Kalyan has become a sole target for every other person for no reason.

The latest issue raised by Sri Reddy is the best example. Sri Reddy started off saying that she is being exploited. Going further, she seems to have gotten addicted to the attention she got all the way. She changed her target and came up with a mask by saying producer's son had cheated on her.

The the whole new twist began after her half-naked protest. She suddenly took a U-turn and started blaming every other person. Sri Reddy crossed all her limits by commenting on Pawan Kalyan and abusing him using unparliamentary language.

There are claims that all this is a part of the political game by leading political parties of Andhra Pradesh. Also, some people even leaked or hinted days before that Pawan Kalyan would be targeted with a big plan of defamation. And this thing came up. Don't know what we are going to see in the future.  What is even happening? Why has the political system become so cheap?

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