Popularity Fever Among Junior Artistes

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Once you step into the entertainment industry as an artist, it is important for you to create that visibility quotient because that’s what enhances your chances of bagging opportunities. Of course, you would eventually have to show your talent once the opportunity comes and the byproduct of that is popularity.

There are many junior artists in Tollywood who are vying for such a thing but now they seem to have found a new route, thanks to Sri Reddy. It appears they have figured out that by blasting someone or the other biggie in the industry they will get mileage. They feel this should bring them popularity and eventually opportunities.

However, the Sri Reddy formula is nothing but a recipe for disaster. One needs to know the difference between staging a protest with substantial evidence and there is a way to do it. But for some reason the junior artists are unable to realize this minimum thing and they are now gripped by the popularity fever. As a result, they are busy attacking whoever they can in front of the media.

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