Breaking: No Promotions On News Channels

By - April 24, 2018 - 05:54 PM IST

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The aftermath of Sri Reddy's verbal abuse has taken the biggest twist. We all know that the film actors and artists were portrayed badly by the media recently. The debates and the shows were totally one-sided on the media channels.

The news channels crossed their limits several times, by jumping into the bathtub to portray Sri Devi's death, by running the one-sided debates in Sri Reddy's issue, by encouraging nudity etc. But, everything reached the highest point where the avalanche broke out.

Pawan Kalyan who is furious over the one-sided media is raging a war with his tweets on one side, and on the other side, the Film Artists have taken the matter very seriously. A committee has been set up by the Movie Arts Association members. This committee is lead by Supriya Akkineni and has 21 members in it. 

The latest we hear is that this committee has taken a decision not to give any promotional ads or tie-ups to the news channels. So, no content related to movies will be given to the News Channels for promotion hereafter. They have decided to promote the Telugu movies on entertainment channels alone. This decision might be implemented very soon. Also, the artists are planning what to do with Ram Gopal Varma who says he is the one responsible for Sri Reddy's abuse. The official announcement will be out anytime. This would be a big shocker to the news channels. Must wait and see how everything will go on.

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