Is Sri Reddy Story History?

By - April 24, 2018 - 03:06 PM IST

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The only name that was on the tongues of everybody since the last few weeks was that of Sri Reddy. The way she took out a movement against the Tollywood circuit and brought the industry to shame with her allegations and the way she was given a maximum lift by the TV news channels need not be explained again.

While Sri Reddy vowed that she doesn’t care for her life and is a true warrior who believes in bringing justice, it appears that her story has already become history. The reason for that is the new wave of attacks from power star Pawan Kalyan. Apparently, Pawan has been coming up with tweets which are rather unusual and raising eyebrows.

These tweets saga has taken over and Sri Reddy has been sidelined even by the news channels who were giving her a red carpet every evening to their studios. As such, she is coming up few posts on her social media but it is not creating much of an impact. The way things are happening, will she become history in a couple of days?


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