Top Comedian Goes Behind Bars

By - April 25, 2018 - 07:06 PM IST

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It is easy to get away from the system by doing something wrong but that doesn’t mean you are safe. That thing can boomerang anytime and cause double the damage. Hence, everyone should be careful when they are getting into any form of financial dealings. If you are a film celebrity you should be doubly careful.

One top comedian failed to do that and right now he is running behind courts, prisons and police stations. His name is Rajpal Yadav and he is a noted name in Bollywood circuit. Incidentally, Rajpal did a role in ‘Kick 2’ as well. Currently, he has been sentenced to six months imprisonment by the Delhi High Court on account of financial fraud.

Apparently, Rajpal took a loan of 5 crores from a Delhi based businessman Agarwal in 2010 and he was to repay it in a year. That never happened and despite repeated reminders, Rajpal failed to respond. Hence, the court has taken this decision and also ordered him to pay 11.2 crores to Agarwal. Let us wait to see where this goes now.

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