The Trio Grabbing Whole Attention

By - April 25, 2018 - 02:15 PM IST

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It is indeed an amazing thing that our favorite heroes keep up the friendly relationships and stand as an example of who the fraternity. Mahesh Babu, Ram Charan, and NTR are three super stars of the current generation in Tollywood. These three musketeers are setting an example of how to maintain the fraternity.

It is often portrayed as if the stars are each other's rivals, right? They are rivals only at the box-office. Mahesh Babu, Ram Charan, and Ntr are spotted hanging out together these days. Seems like their bond is growing stronger day-by-day. Their friendship is quite evident as we see them cheering each other for their movies.

While Ram Charan and NTR are to work together in Rajamouli's movie, they also kept cheering on Mahesh Babu for his movie Bharath Ane Nenu. NTR also attended Bharath Ane Nenu's pre-release event and proved they all are an ally. Mahesh Babu who is seen hanging out with Ram Charan and his family along with his wife Namrata denotes their closeness.

Here comes another picture of Mahesh Babu, Ram Charan and NTR sharing a moment together. These co-relations are drawing everyone's attraction. Not only that. The fans are given a message that there is no need to create unwanted hatred with their fan wars, as they all are ONE.

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