No Focus On Good Deeds!!

By - April 26, 2018 - 05:20 PM IST

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Though human beings are growing by leaps and bounds in terms of their lifestyle, technology, success and what not, they are moving away from the basic requirement- humanity. Whether it is due to overexposure of things or the negative drivers through media, it is becoming clear that our psyche gives more attention to something negative than positive.

The Telugu film industry is currently going through the turmoil of sorts and the reason for that is the Sri Reddy’s casting couch allegations, the Ram Gopal Varma confessions about him strategizing few things and power star Pawan Kalyan waging a new war against the electronic media. It is true that these issues have been hot but here is the sad part.

In the itch to know more about these issues and the negativity surrounding it, many are forgetting few good things which instill the belief that humanity exists. Megastar Chiranjeevi gifted 2 lakhs to actress Subhashini who is suffering from cancer and he got it delivered through his daughter Sreeja. Unfortunately, no one will speak about this good issue as everyone wants to know the negative things and not the positive things. Shameful but true!

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