Baahubali Pride In Japan!!

By - April 27, 2018 - 03:00 PM IST

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It has been quite a while since the magnum opus ‘Baahubali’ came and went but the after-effects of the movie still continue. Incidentally, the legacy has not stopped and now the movie has touched the Land of the Rising Sun. Yes, we are talking about the country of Japan and special shows of the film have been held recently.

The Japanese have a special liking for Indian movies especially the south Indian movies because they connect with the emotion and drama very strongly. As a result, ‘Baahubali’ was met with overwhelming response and the Japanese came up with special placards written in Telugu welcoming the tough taskmaster S S Rajamouli and producer Shobu.

According to local reports, the event has been titled as ‘screaming screening’ because the Japanese were in awe of the movie’s grandeur and the cultural extravagance. Some of the Japanese girls came in Indian sarees decked with jewelry. Well, this is the kind of respect our culture gets and it is indeed a matter of pride to us.

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