Hollywood's RGV: Controversy For Attention!!

By - April 28, 2018 - 06:37 PM IST

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It has been ages since Ram Gopal Varma has lost his juice as a filmmaker but he certainly has the brains to stay in limelight and grab spotlight wherever possible. In the recent years, he came up with a strategy wherein whenever some controversy or sensation was shaking the nation, he would announce a film on that.

Of course, it is a different issue that he managed to make few movies like that and none of them worked at the box office. RGV does these controversial style movies every now and then and now his style seems to have been adopted in Hollywood and that too by a gigantic name. Reports are coming off a project by the big star Brad Pitt.

According to reports, Brad has got a production House named Plan B Movies and he has decided to come up with the biopic of Harvey Weinstein. Incidentally, Weinstein came into spotlight for his alleged sexual harassment against the many actresses he worked with and after this was revealed by the New York Times team, it became a major controversy. That way, Brad has turned out to be RGV’s equivalent in Hollywood. As your existence is no more impactful, make some controversy to remind people of your existence..this is their strategy.

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