Ban On News Channels To Be Implemented Soon

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It was already reported that the Tollywood biggies have decided not to depend on the News Channels for movie promotions anymore. As the TV channels have done many debates and focused only on the darker side of the Film industry, portrayed it very badly, the T'wood biggies have come to this decision. Sri Reddy's abuse and aftermath, the whole Telugu Film Industry has been very serious on the news channels and portals who are focusing on sensationalism rather than the real things.  

No movie ads or any promotional stuff will be given to any of the news channels hereafter. Only entertainment channels will be given the movie related promotional content. This ban on Telugu News Channels is to be implemented from 2nd May.

Some major movie websites are also to be banned in the same way. Only a few movie portals and websites are to be an exemption. Most of the websites portraying one-sided stories will not be given any kind of promotional content hereafter. How soon things change no?

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