Is Puri's Decision About His Son Correct?

By - May 01, 2018 - 10:08 AM IST

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As a father, you would expect your son or daughter to surpass your success and if he/she is in the field that you are in, you do your best to give your kid the maximum push. While that is a natural thing to do, there are times when such things should be done in the right proportion or else there is a chance it could misfire.

Speed director Puri Jagannadh was once the ace filmmaker in Tollywood known for his super fast style of making. However, many flops have relegated his position but that hasn’t stopped his approach. Keeping that aside, Puri is now approaching with ‘Mehbooba’ which marks the debut of his son, Akash Puri, as the hero.

While that’s a good move, Puri has raised eyebrows with the announcement that his next two movies are also going to be with Akash. Instead of him doing all the movies, he should allow other directors to do it so that the flavor will be different. As such, Puri’s heroes have a particular pattern and there will be no variety so this decision may not be that right.

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