Prakash Raj's Supports Sri Reddy

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It is an unwritten protocol that whenever the film industry is facing a problem, every member should keep aside his/her differences and stands together on one note. This will not only strengthen the solidarity of the cinema field but also earn some respect among the non-cinema people. However, things go completely wrong when one from inside goes against the system.

Currently, the entire Tollywood circuit has been waging a battle against a set of TV news channels and this has to do with the media’s behavior regarding the Sri Reddy issue. While the wave is in this direction, the powerhouse performer Prakash Raj has chosen a different route and he ended up giving a shock to the Telugu Film Industry.

Well, he came in support of Sri Reddy and questioned the industry as to why are they trying to damage her character instead of understanding her problem and helping her out. Prakash reportedly maintained casting couch exists and exploitation of women is happening which must be stopped. Wonder what the industry has to say to this.


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