TFI's Strong Steps Towards Sexual Harassment

By - May 03, 2018 - 01:37 PM IST

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After going through a major murky rollercoaster thanks to the actions from actress Sri Reddy, Ram Gopal Varma, and the electronic media, the Telugu Film Industry is slowly settling and it is now getting into some measures which can avoid such unwanted headaches in future. Well, the industry has gone through a series of meetings.

The entire focus was on how to handle issues related to sexual harassment of women. For a long time, the Telugu Film Industry maintained a very clean image amidst all the circuits but the way Sri Reddy dragged the entire image of the industry onto the roads, it has become clear to the biggies that some strict steps must be taken.

As a result, they have now come up with few short terms and long term measures which also involves the legal framework. A special jury panel is also being set up and additional steps are being taken to ensure the safety of women in the industry. Have a look at this attachment and that should give you the full picture.