Shocking News On National Film Awards

By - May 04, 2018 - 10:20 AM IST

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You might score many hits in your career and made a lot of money but the true happiness you get as an artist is, when you are recognized for your performance. Hence, many actors and actresses consider it an honour to receive awards. The most coveted among them is the National Film Awards which is like recognizing the true performer in you.

From the past 65 years, the National Awards were given away by the President of India but this time a shocking news has come. Apparently, the winners have been informed that the President Ramnath Kovind is going to give only eleven awards which equals to one hour and the rest would be given by the Minister Smriti Irani.

Not stopping at that, there are reports from next year onwards, the President will give only one award and the rest would be given by the concerned Minister. This came as a shock to everyone and they have expressed their displeasure by calling for a unanimous boycott of the awards event. That’s the story folks!

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